12 E Bridge St NE, Rockford, MI | Call: (616) 951-4677

About Us

outside Rockford Brewing company

Hi! We’re Rockford Brewing Company.

We are excited to be here and to share our craft with you. We’re passionate about providing you quality food and beer that is purposefully crafted to enjoy and savor in our welcoming space along the White Pine Trail. Our rustic, warm space offers you picturesque views of the iconic Rogue River Dam and Downtown Rockford.

We truly believe there is power in good food and beer to bring people together, but it’s also about more than just what’s on your plate or in your glass. The Rockford Brewing culture is centered around celebrating our shared community, passions, and personal connection. This culture is the magic that keeps us together.

group photo of staff and regular guests at Rockford Brewing Company

Our passion is fueled by our guests, our team, and our lifetimes of experience. We come to our beloved pub every day to provide you a unique and authentic experience. This pursuit is a never-ending journey, and we push ourselves daily to continue to bring you excellence. 

Thank you for joining us.

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