12 E. Bridge St NE, Rockford | Text: (616) 439-0417


RBC at your doorstep

Food & Beer

  1. Delivery is available for those within 5 miles of RBC.

  2. There is a $20 minimum and a $2 delivery fee.

  3. FREE Delivery is available if you join our mug club!

3 easy ways order: Choose one

📱  text us: 616-439-0417

☎️  call us: 616-951-4677

🛒  online: order now

Information we need

  1. Your name
  2. Address
  3. Phone number 
  4. Your order!

Order Notifications

We will be in contact with you when your order is on its way! Deliveries typically take 25-30 from being received until it's at your doorstep.

Our cutoff time for accepting deliveries is 7:30pm

Identification for Alcohol orders

We require a valid ID for alcohol delivery.

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