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Rockford's Annual Harvest Festival

Happy Harvest

Rockford’s Annual Harvest Festival is a community-centered event to celebrate the fall season and Michigan harvest. This autumn classic is the second weekend of September each year and full of activities the whole family can enjoy. Activities include scarecrow making, a classic car show, Rockford farmer's market, and our RBC Harvest Fest Beer Tent.

RBC Beer Tent features live music, dancing, and the release of our annual Harvest Ale. Each year our brewer takes advantage of the Michigan harvest season by making this this Wet Hopped IPA brewed with the freshest local hops. Historically, we have used MI Chinook hops to make this brew, however this year we had the opportunity to use a brand new strain of hop - Paradigm Hops.

Paradigm Hops were created by Great Lakes Hops and named after our Michigan Pale Ale - Paradigm MPA.

“Your beer "Paradigm" was the perfect recipe to showcase new hops and when we were playing with the name for this cultivar we knew it would also be perfectly matched for that beer. Most important is that the beer and hop both represent a change in local brewing and growing. You will always be a founding brewer in our program and can take credit for this cultivar being one of the first released.” -Chris, Great Lakes Hops.

We are honored to have made an influential impact on the selection and identification of Paradigm Hops. Our brewer Jeff was personally one of the first brewers to smell, rate and trial the hop which created the "paradigm shift" to Michigan proprietary hops and bolstered the hop program.

Fall is a beautiful time of year to visit Rockford and our Harvest Ale is the perfect beer to showcase what Michigan harvest has to offer.

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