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Introducing: Malph's Pizza

November 12th, 2020 RBC introduced a new menu item 

Meet: Malph's Pizza Pie!

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Pizza is more than just a food item to us, it is something that invokes an emotion. Everyone has a fond memory with pizza at it's center. Whether it's late nights studying with friends in college, a pizza buffet you had when you visited Michigan's Adventure as a kid, watching the game with your buds, or pizza lunch in elementary school.

This is why we decided to incorporate pizza into our pubfare. Everyone deserves to have a small slice of comfort and a reminder of the good ol' days.

Chef Cameron has treated us with his culinary expertise to make handcrafted neapolitan-style pizza dough that will make you savor every last bite, and won't weigh you down.

Malph's Pizza is available in four different styles to appeal to a wide variety of tastebuds. Naples Style, Classic Cheese, Classic Pepperoni, and a Rotating Specialty Pizza.

These pies are available as a takeout or delivery option only. So you can enjoy it in what we suggest is the the appropriate setting, on the couch in your pajamas with a good brew.


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