12 E Bridge St NE, Rockford, MI | Call: (616) 951-4677

2nd Annual IPA DAZE

A celebration of all things hopped

IPA Daze will take place April 20 🍃  (and the following days, while kegs last)
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This event features new IPAs, returning IPAs, and some of your all-time-favorites!

Lineup coming soon!We can't wait to share what we have planned

The Michigan craft beer scene has a plethora of styles, but India Pale Ale (IPA) is the single most dominant style. Hoppy IPA has become the defining style of craft beer, and we think they deserve their own special day (or daze)
Craft beer lovers around here are pretty spoiled. We have an ever-expanding variety of great IPAs available to us and a growing number of places to get them. This festival is a collection of some of our very best (but we may be bias)
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