The Moonrays LIVE at RBC

Friday July 1st - 8:00pm

Blues On The River, Rockford 2016!

Tuesday July 5th - 7:00pm - Wednesday July 6th - 8:00pm

Trivia w/ Geeks Who Drink at RBC

Wednesday July 6th - 7:00pm

Brothers Picker LIVE at RBC

Thursday July 7th - 7:00pm

Featuring Paradigm MPA

From farm to glass, this is the local flavor of pure Michigan!

100% of the grain and hops were grown in Michigan. Michigan grown barley and wheat were malted by our friends at Michigan Malt Company in Shepherd, Michigan to develop the beautifully colored, copper body. Expect an underlying sweet, malty base with hints of cotton candy and toasted marshmallow. Mango, orange and piney are just some of the unique signature characteristics of our locally chosen hop varietals. They were grown with care by our friends at Hop Yards of Kent in Greenville, Michigan and reveal West Michigan’s terroir!

6.0% ABV           IBU 70        Original Gravity 13.6P