May 21st: Rockford Brewing releases Country Ale in Bottle, on draft, and hosts BBQ party!

country ale bottle zoomWe will be releasing our 2015 Rockford Country Ale on tap, and in limited bottles! …starting 11am.

Rockford Counry Ale – French Farmhouse Ale
IBU: 28 ABV: 7.3%

This annual spring offering is a hybrid of beer styles inspired by the ideas of a French Biere de Garde and a Belgian Saison. It has a beautiful copper colored body with orange hues under a dense creamy white head. Its pleasant, toasty malt forward profile balances nicely with fruity esters of pear and apricot before finishing with herbal and fresh cut hay-like notes. Rockford Country Ale is crisp, rustic and always unfiltered!

An excellent bottle to age and cellar, or enjoy fresh!