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Paradigm is the embodiment of Pure Michigan. This Michigan Pale Ale is made from 100% Michigan grown grains and hops, with the barley and wheat malted at Michigan Malt Company. The underlying sweet, malty base and copper body has a gratifying hint of caramel. Mango, orange and piney are just some of the signature characteristics of our chose hop varietals, grown locally at Hopyards of Kent. Craft Cultures from Upper Michigan’s Keweenaw provided our house strain of yeast that ensures a crisp and clean finish. From the farm to your glass, “taste the terroir” of West Michigan in every sip!

This beer is part of our Permaculture Series, showcasing the seasons in Michigan.

Rockford Brewing Company’s “Paradigm MPA” from HVMND – video/editing/aerial on Vimeo.

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