Local. Fresh. Timely

Our Permaculture Series is a family of beers brewed throughout the year that each utilize fresh, non-traditional ingredients from our local agriculture.

While the concept of Permaculture can be a complex and lengthy discussion, it suggests to recognize and work with natural systems, rather than forcing the unnatural. For us at Rockford Brewing Company, we seek to continually learn, understand and recognize our surrounding environment while we strive to look for opportunities to work with the natural world around us. We believe in fresh ingredients and quality beer. Additionally, we focus on creating awareness for the local agricultural community by nurturing symbiotic relationships with local farmers and supporting their efforts by showcasing their products within our own.

The Permaculture Series has 3 areas of focus…


It is our goal to consider local options first for ingredients and services. The closer we can source to the brewery the better. We feel this goal not only strengthens the local economy, but also limits the distance raw materials need to be shipped, ensuring freshness and reducing energy consumption.


Our intention is to use ingredients while they are still in their natural “fresh” state, right after harvest, before they are processed. Using fresh ingredients that have not been processed also reduces energy consumption and it allows us to showcase the natural flavors produced by our local agricultural community. Our Permaculture Series will never use concentrates, extracts or artificial flavoring.


This focus is perhaps the most unique to our Permaculture Series! If we follow the first two focal points, then timing becomes critical. We are very proud to use fresh ingredients as soon as they are ready to be used. Rather than racing to be the first brewery each year to release a seasonal beer, by using processed ingredients, we patiently wait until our ingredients can be freshly harvested, before we use them. This ensures the freshest, most natural flavors, without the need for any artificial additives. Once again, this reduces energy consumption by eliminating the need to process and store ingredients.